Can You Grow Plants in Car? (And Reasons To Do So)


Why not? Growing plants in your car might sound odd, but it’s possible. Instead, having a plant in a car is an excellent idea! Plants create a magical aura wherever they are placed. Have you ever thought of turning your vehicle into green space? How about keeping happy, healthy plants with you when you travel?  … Read more

Can Smoke Harm Plants or Help Plants Grow?


We all have at least some experience of irritation caused by smoke inhalation. Smoke is caused by incomplete combustion. This simply means the material is not entirely burned due to a shortage of oxygen. All kind of smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter. When we inhale smoke, the respiratory tract gets irritated, … Read more

Do Plants Sweat? (And What Causes It?)


We see humans sweating to cool off. Plants also sweat like humans to maintain their inner body temperature. The drops of water we see on the plants’ leaves in the morning are not all dewdrops; some drops result from plant sweating. Because of this sweating of plants, the air can feel cooler when you enter … Read more

Does the Soil Need Sunlight? (Why or Why Not?)


Soil is the support system for life that plays a vital role in the Earth’s ecosystem. Soil is necessary for agriculture, environment, nature, landscape architecture and urban applications. In addition, it is the source of raw materials, food, and the biological habitat of various microorganisms, earthworms, termites, and other microscopic animals that fix nitrogen and … Read more

Can Plants Grow in Brass and Copper Pots?


Plants & flowers can bring the beauty of nature inside your home. But is it a good idea to use brass or copper vessels as planters? Perhaps you are concerned about the chemical properties of the metal harming the soil and the plant. Or the other way around, wondering if the soil will corrode your … Read more

Do Plants Die of Old Age?


All living things have a lifespan, and the last stage is death. The same is the case with plants. When they reach a certain age, they die. Every plant keeps growing up to the point they die. The plants do not have concrete stages of life as we do. They are either baby plants, middle-aged … Read more

Do Plants Attract Flies? (And How to Prevent Flies)


Flies can be a nuisance. The buzzing sounds they make are annoying, especially in enclosed spaces where they have no way of getting out. They can be found almost anywhere inside and outside the house. However, they’re more attracted to rotten foods and some scents. Additionally, flies can be attracted to waterlogged plant pots and … Read more

15 Plants That Can Grow Near Rivers and Streams

Duck Potato

1. Algae Adaptations Algae of varied types populate streams and rivers, however, only in specific locations. Generally, it grows up near the middle of the river or stream; when water temperature decreases, the water slows down, and the banks draw farther apart. It is hardly found near their mouths where water is more transparent and … Read more

Permaculture Farming: Definition, Principles and Examples


Permaculture is a set of design principles, centered along with the whole system of thinking, stimulating, and directly utilizing the pattern and all the resilient features that are observed in the natural ecosystem. It uses the principles in growing a number of fields from the regenerative agriculture, community resilience and also rewilding. Permaculture agriculture is … Read more