Do Mountains Last Forever?


Do Mountains Last Forever? Most people wonder if a mountain stays forever. The answer is no. The mountains start off as solid rocks and only as small rocks. Mountains are always shifting. Erosion leads to the wear and tear of the mountains. In the case of active mountain ranges, the mountains are always rising along … Read more

Do Mountains Have Roots?


Do Mountains Have Roots? Our mountains apply less gravitational force than they should. This is because of the existence of roots. The less-dense roots extend down to the surface of the Earth. The roots are like icebergs floating in the water. A big landmass like a mountain stands tall only because of the support of … Read more

Where Do Clouds Go When They Disappear?


Where Do Clouds Go When They Disappear? Clouds are crucial for the weather and climate on Earth. As per NASA, a cloud is a mass of water drops or ice crystals suspended or floating in the atmosphere as we see them in the sky. They form when water condenses in the sky, and this condensation … Read more

Do Ponds Need Filters? (And Why?)


Do Ponds Need Filters? A pond is a small body of still water. It’s different from a lake or a pool and can be formed by artificial or natural means. The most common ponds in homes are artificial ponds. Ponds are shallow water bodies with diverse aquatic plants and animals. They are usually filled with … Read more

Why Do Clouds Cause Turbulence?


Why Do Clouds Cause Turbulence? Airplanes are a popular means of transportation. They are fast, and relatively safe. The view from the top is always spectacular. Depending on how high the plane is in the sky, you can almost always see the clouds surrounding it. Plane rides are relatively smooth, especially if the weather is … Read more

What Do Clouds Taste Like? (And Can You Eat a Cloud?)


What Do Clouds Taste Like? Clouds are a wonder to behold. Most of them look fluffy and white and are sometimes gloomy and grey. The grim and grey clouds are usually observed when it’s about to rain. When you think of clouds, you probably think about delicious cotton candy. We don’t blame you; they look … Read more

Is Rainwater Good For Bathing? (And Drinking?)


Is Rainwater Good For Bathing? There are different sources of water, and rainfall is one of the sources of water, and in some parts of the world, it is the major source. Many people have not tried collecting rainwater for household use. For some people, the only time they would have gotten wet from rainwater … Read more

Can It Rain And Snow at the Same Time?


Can It Rain And Snow at the Same Time? Have you ever seen rain and snow occur together? Imagine how beautiful the city will look when that happens. Well, the good news is that yes. Both rain and snow can occur together at the same time. When this happens, you will often find that rain … Read more

Why Do Clouds Move in Different Directions?


Why Do Clouds Move in Different Directions? Have you ever noticed that the clouds are not probably moving in a specific direction? Instead, they are moving in different directions? If you see this for the first time, you might think you see something unrealistic. But the second time you see it, a question is bound … Read more

Why Are Rocks Used To Make Buildings?


Why Are Rocks Used To Make Buildings? A safe shelter is mandatory for everyone. It provides a home to people and a sense of security to keep all their precious belongings protected. Moreover, it also helps protect people from natural calamities, theft, and other problematic situations. Thus, living in solid homes helps man solve these … Read more

Can Rainwater Be Used For Drinking?


Can Rainwater Be Used For Drinking? Studies have consistently raised questions on whether or not rainwater is fit for drinking. But the fact that several factors come into play here cannot stand unnoticed. Today, many communities primarily depend on rainwater for drinking purposes. But it all comes down to the environment, pollution, treatments, and water … Read more