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Who is Behind Earth Eclipse?

I am Sonia Madaan, a mother with a passion for science, computing, and environmental issues. My educational background is in electrical engineering and energy studies, and I also hold an MBA from a top Indian university.

Motivated by my passion and education, I started a website on February 16 to spread awareness about climate change and its causes, like rising greenhouse gas levels. I also highlight ongoing environmental challenges such as pollution, global warming, water shortages, acid rain, deforestation, and overpopulation. If we don’t act now, our Earth will face severe consequences.

Initially, I wanted to focus on environment-related topics such as climate change, global warming, renewable energy but later I thought to include other diverse topics in the field of geography, geology and astronomy.

I am getting a lot of positive feedback from the readers and hope they enjoy reading articles on our site. Whenever I write an article, I indulge in self-learning and evaluation. This allows me to learn and share new things daily.

Earth Eclipse has just taken a baby step. There is still a long way to go. If you liked the information mentioned on this site, please don’t forget to share articles with your relatives and friends.