Is Oil a Renewable Resource? How is it Extracted and Environmental Impact of Using Oil as a Fossil Fuel


Is Oil a Renewable Resource? Millions of years ago, microscopic animals, algae, and zooplankton died and sank to the seafloor. Over the years, they were buried under millions of tons of mud, sediments, and plant debris. Eventually, the shallow seas dried up and only sedimentary basins remained. Deep down this basin floor, the organic remains … Read more

7 Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Environmental Footprint and Green Your Business

reduce carbon footprint

7 Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Environmental Footprint and Green Your Business Business facilities around the world have been under pressure to adopt a more environmental-friendlier attitude regarding their activity. This is a burning issue considering climate change and environmental impact we have on the planet, as a society. This, especially in the context in … Read more

Tips For Creating Eco-Friendly Gardens


Tips For Creating Eco-Friendly Gardens Gardening is a fun and educational way to take part in the environmental movement. It is important to highlight, however, that gardening could contribute to detrimental environmental issues if it isn’t conducted in a sustainable manner. In this article, we review several ways gardening could affect the surrounding environment and … Read more

Bring a Recycling Revolution to Your Workplace


Bring a Recycling Revolution to Your Workplace With every person in the UK throwing away their own body weight in rubbish every 7 weeks, it’s clear we live in a world with disposability at the very centre. Being conscious about its environmental impact is crucial, however, many think recycling stops at home, but it doesn’t! … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy


What is Nuclear Energy? The onset of the industrial revolution has demanded an increase of energy yearly. Originally, the source of energy is through the combustion of fossil fuels. However, its effect on the environment has also been increasingly questioned. Then, new energy sources are created which are renewable and safe such as hydroelectric, solar, … Read more

Renewable Energy Myths Uncovered


Renewable Energy Myths Uncovered Renewable energy is often pedalled as the best way to safeguard and power our planet in the future. But like every other environmental argument, it has its critics; critics who have continued to argue against the environmentally friendly method of sourcing power, stirring up common place myths about its potential to … Read more

Various Causes of Ocean Pollution


Various Causes of Ocean Pollution Pollution of the oceans, which can simply be defined as contamination of the ocean with harmful or foreign materials, is categorized under water pollution because it constitutes the largest and the most crucial water body in the entire planet. Ocean pollution has increasingly become an important matter due to the … Read more