Hemp Plastic: Features, Uses and Benefits


What is Hemp Plastic? Did you know that plastic can be eco-friendly and biodegradable? We’re talking about hemp plastic and not the conventional plastic. But what is hemp plastic? Traditionally, plastics are made from petroleum-based compounds, which release toxic gases into the atmosphere. These plastics are non-biodegradable and have negative impacts on our land, water, … Read more

Bring a Recycling Revolution to Your Workplace


Bring a Recycling Revolution to Your Workplace With every person in the UK throwing away their own body weight in rubbish every 7 weeks, it’s clear we live in a world with disposability at the very centre. Being conscious about its environmental impact is crucial, however, many think recycling stops at home, but it doesn’t! … Read more

Various Causes of Land Pollution


Various Causes of Land Pollution Land pollution is the destruction or decline in quality of the Earth’s land surfaces in term of use, landscape and ability to support life forms. Many times, it is directly and indirectly caused by human activities and abuse of land resources. Land pollution takes place when waste is not disposed … Read more