Types, Sources, Effects and Solutions of Wastewater on Our Environment


What is Wastewater? Optimal water quality is vital for maintaining human health and a healthy ecosystem. It plays an equally essential role in socio-economic development. But in the wake of ever-increasing population and degrading natural resources, maintaining a safe water supply is getting highly challenging. Herein comes the pressing issue of wastewater. When water flows … Read more

How Does a Composting Toilet Work and 5 Best Composting Toilets Available on Amazon


What is a Composting Toilet? A composting toilet, also called a biological toilet or dry toilet, uses the natural processes of decomposition and evaporation to recycle human waste. It is a type of toilet in which no, or very little, water is needed to flush away the waste into city sewerage or septic system. In this kind of … Read more

30+ Extraordinary Ways to Protect Coral Reefs


30+ Extraordinary Ways to Protect Coral Reefs and Help Them Flourish Again This short, informational list creates new awareness on the need to protect your local coral reefs, whether they are simply visible as small rock pools or part of the listed natural wonders of the world. In all cases, the protection of these natural … Read more

25 Amazing Ways to Prevent Water Pollution


25 Amazing Ways to Prevent Water Pollution Various simple and implementable ways can be used to limit the pollution of our water resources. These actions can be taken individually or collectively and must be done repeatedly to reduce the impacts on the water systems. Some people perceive that the harmful substances or pollutants normally disappear … Read more