Do Animals Need Sunlight? (And How Do They get It?)


Do Animals Need Sunlight? Having existed for over five billion years, the Sun is one of the world’s most sustainable energy sources. Although humans haven’t lived for that long, the Sun is vital to all life on Earth, including animals. We rely on it for everything! Some animals love to bask under the warm rays … Read more

Why Do Clouds Cause Turbulence?


Why Do Clouds Cause Turbulence? Airplanes are a popular means of transportation. They are fast, and relatively safe. The view from the top is always spectacular. Depending on how high the plane is in the sky, you can almost always see the clouds surrounding it. Plane rides are relatively smooth, especially if the weather is … Read more

35 Phenomenal Facts About the Planet Pluto


35 Phenomenal Facts About the Planet Pluto Pluto was discovered in 1930 and is the second¬†closest dwarf planet to the Sun. Pluto’s diameter is close to¬†2,370 km (1473 miles) and orbits in a region called the Kuiper Belt. Pluto is one of the coldest places in the solar system as it is far way from … Read more