Can Squirrels Swim? (And Can They Drown?)


Can Squirrels Swim? (And Can They Drown?) Who knew Squirrels could swim? Most people are clueless about whether these tiny creatures can do it. But the simple answer is- yes. Squirrels can swim in need, but they are not exceptional at it. The species of the Squirrels also play a significant role in deciding the … Read more

Can Squirrels Eat Corn?


Can Squirrels Eat Corn? Squirrels aren’t picky eaters, and some may wonder if corn can be on their pet squirrel’s treat menu. The answer is – it depends. Some experts, in fact, strongly prohibit feeding corn to squirrels despite its good nutrient profile. In this article, let’s get deep down everything about squirrels and corn. … Read more

Can Squirrels Eat Carrots?


Can Squirrels Eat Carrots? Can squirrels eat carrots? You may be asking this if you’d like to share a tasty treat with the little critters visiting the garden daily, or maybe a pet squirrel accidentally ate some carrot chunks you dropped on the floor. We, humans love to eat carrots, so can squirrels safely have … Read more

Can Squirrel Eat Grapes?


Can Squirrel Eat Grapes? Squirrels love eating human food, and there are plenty of fruits and vegetables they can safely enjoy. While some make a nutritious treat for them, other fruits and vegetables come with a warning sign. All varieties of grapes are healthy and tasty. If you are wondering ‘can squirrels eat grapes?’, ‘what … Read more