Do Mountains Last Forever?


Do Mountains Last Forever? Most people wonder if a mountain stays forever. The answer is no. The mountains start off as solid rocks and only as small rocks. Mountains are always shifting. Erosion leads to the wear and tear of the mountains. In the case of active mountain ranges, the mountains are always rising along … Read more

13 Highest Mountain Peaks in Canada

Mount Logan

13 Highest Mountain Peaks in Canada Thousands of mountain peaks jut out of the Canadian wilderness, towering high above lush green valleys and towns. Head west of the country, you’ll find yourself in British Columbia, Alberta, and Yukon Territory – home to a myriad of mountain ranges including the St. Elias Range. Rugged mountain peaks, … Read more

Causes, Effects and Types of Erosion (Water, Wind, Glacier)


What is Erosion? When you stand at a vantage point of space, you’ll be treated to an array of breathtaking landforms. However, these beautiful pieces of nature can only qualify as landforms if nature created them. This means human-made dams, vehicles, and buildings cannot be called landforms. Mountains, hills, plains, plateaus, beaches, sea stacks and … Read more

Theory of Continental Drift: Causes and Evidence


Theory of Continental Drift If you take a look at a map of the earth today, you will see the current locations of broken land masses that constitute the earth. However, would you believe if someone told you that these broken land masses were once connected to each other as one huge supercontinent?  Well, this … Read more

What is a Canyon Landform: Formation, Location, Examples and Facts


What is a Canyon Landform? If you look out of your window, you’ll probably see buildings, trees, telephone poles and so on. The world we live in today has mostly been shaped by humans. However, it’s not only humans that are moving things and shaping the planet. Rain, wind, and other natural elements shape the … Read more

What are Landforms and Major Types of Landforms on the Earth


What are Landforms? Landforms are the natural features and shapes existent on the face of the earth. Landforms possess many different physical characteristics and are spread out throughout the planet. Together, landforms constitute a specific terrain and their physical arrangement in the landscape forms what is termed as topography. The physical features of landforms include … Read more