Where Do Clouds Go When They Disappear?


Where Do Clouds Go When They Disappear? Clouds are crucial for the weather and climate on Earth. As per NASA, a cloud is a mass of water drops or ice crystals suspended or floating in the atmosphere as we see them in the sky. They form when water condenses in the sky, and this condensation … Read more

Why Do Clouds Cause Turbulence?


Why Do Clouds Cause Turbulence? Airplanes are a popular means of transportation. They are fast, and relatively safe. The view from the top is always spectacular. Depending on how high the plane is in the sky, you can almost always see the clouds surrounding it. Plane rides are relatively smooth, especially if the weather is … Read more

What Do Clouds Taste Like? (And Can You Eat a Cloud?)


What Do Clouds Taste Like? Clouds are a wonder to behold. Most of them look fluffy and white and are sometimes gloomy and grey. The grim and grey clouds are usually observed when it’s about to rain. When you think of clouds, you probably think about delicious cotton candy. We don’t blame you; they look … Read more

Why Do Clouds Move in Different Directions?


Why Do Clouds Move in Different Directions? Have you ever noticed that the clouds are not probably moving in a specific direction? Instead, they are moving in different directions? If you see this for the first time, you might think you see something unrealistic. But the second time you see it, a question is bound … Read more

Can It Rain Without Clouds?


Can It Rain Without Clouds? As a child, most of us thought that rain occurs due to clouds. But growing up, the reality struck, and this perspective changed. The thing is, hail can even happen without a cloudy sky. Let us give you an example. Have you ever experienced a sunny day and suddenly realized … Read more

Difference Between Fog And Clouds


Difference Between Fog And Clouds Nature has blessed us with many wonders, and two of the mesmerizing yet commonly occurring wonders are clouds and fog. Even though both are formed when water vapor is condensed, there are many differences that set them apart. In this article, we will be talking about the difference between clouds … Read more

How Fast Do Clouds Move?


How Fast Do Clouds Move? We see clouds as fascinating nature objects that are formed in the sky. It is a part of the water cycle and becomes the reason for rain. When we see clouds on a windy day, it tends to move in a certain direction. It is because clouds move, and they … Read more

Why Are Some Clouds Pink?


Why Are Some Clouds Pink? The color of clouds depends on the angle of the sun’s light, in relation to the Earth’s atmosphere. Though it is deemed as ‘white light’, the sun releases light in all colors. Once the sun rays reach the Earth’s atmosphere, all color wavelengths in the sunlight scatter in all directions. … Read more

30+ Remarkable Facts About the Planet Jupiter


30+ Remarkable Facts About the Planet Jupiter Jupiter is one of the most spectacular places in the solar system. It’s named after the Roman king of the gods. Jupiter’s cloud patterns are incredibly complex, constantly changing, multicolored that looks like nothing else in the solar system. Jupiter occurs half a billion miles from Earth, a … Read more

Various Interesting Facts the About Pacific Ocean


Various Interesting Facts About the Pacific Ocean The Pacific is the largest ocean on Earth, discovered by Ferdinand Magellan. This huge mass of water is stretching from the Arctic to the Southern Ocean from the Bering Sea in Alaska to the Ross Sea in Antarctica. It binds with the Atlantic Ocean through the Bering Strait … Read more

What is Precipitation and What are Different Types of Precipitation?


What is Precipitation? Precipitation is the falling of water from the sky in different forms. They all form from the clouds which are raised about 8 to 16 kilometers (4 to 11 miles) above the ground in the earth’s troposphere. Precipitation takes place whenever any or all forms of water particles fall from these high … Read more

What are the Clouds, How Do They Form and Different Types of Clouds


What are the Clouds? Clouds are composed of ice crystals or water drops suspended and drifting in the sky at considerably high altitudes. The water droplets are very minute with a diameter of roughly a hundredth of a millimeter. This means that each cubic meter of air is made up of about 100 million droplets. … Read more