Does Eco-friendly Food Packaging Benefit The Environment?


Does Eco-friendly Food Packaging Benefit The Environment? Nowadays, most companies across various industries, especially food and beverage, are interested in going green with their packaging. They’re shifting to eco-friendly food packaging that utilizes materials with minimal impact on the environment, from production to post-use. A large amount of energy is used when manufacturing traditional packaging … Read more

6 Recycling Methods To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


6 Recycling Methods To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint The carbon footprint of an individual is the amount of emissions caused by his activities, expressed in carbon dioxide equivalent. The harmful effects of carbon footprint are as follows: It leads to global warming It is responsible for drastic climate changes It causes economic losses and severe … Read more

10 Easy and Simple Additions to Make Your Home “SMART”


10 Easy and Simple Additions to Make Your Home “SMART” It’s becoming easier and easier for people to start automating their homes with technology. Since there’s not a shortage of companies and start up ventures rolling out products like automated lights, thermostats, and air conditioners, turning a home ‘SMART’ can be a relatively simple process. … Read more

The Most Carbon Efficient Ways to Travel


The Most Carbon Efficient Ways to Travel Green energy has been a big topic in recent years, as electricity from burning fossil fuels generates more greenhouse gases (GHG) than any other human activity. Governments are now funding renewable energy production including wind farming, solar energy and tidal power. Setting up incentives such as Feed-in Tariffs … Read more

15 Wonderful Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint


What is Carbon Footprint? Since the great era of industrialization and mechanization of machinery for transport and manufacturing, the rate of greenhouse gas emission has gradually increased, and it became even worse in the 20th century. Use of fossil fuels has been the biggest driver of the earth’s total greenhouse gas emissions, leading to an … Read more

25+ Remarkable Ways to Prevent Air Pollution


25+ Remarkable Ways to Prevent Air Pollution There are multiple and simple ways that can be used in everyday life to help prevent air pollution and improve air quality. Every time we use our air conditioners, drive to work or school, use coal to heat our homes, style our hair or even apply deodorants to … Read more

5 Serious Effects of Light Pollution


Serious Effects of Light Pollution Unlike other forms of pollution, light pollution has not been regarded as an important issue until lately. Specifically, light pollution has been realized due to some of its effects. Glares, light trespass, and clutter at night suggest some of the intricate aspects that have made the consequences of light pollution … Read more

Causes, Effects and Solutions of Ocean Acidification

Coral reefs

What is Ocean Acidification? When discussing environmental pollution, one may immediately refer to pictures of smog in China, litter in farm fields, or plastic rings in the oceans. Pollution takes on many forms besides simply air and land pollution. Pollution of the ocean is becoming a greater problem for our food web than many realize. … Read more

The Carbon Cycle


What is the Carbon Cycle? By now we’ve all heard of the expression the cycle of life. Keep this in mind as you briefly learn how the carbon cycle originated and how it operates within our earth’s ecosystem today. Today, it remains an evolutionary process of keeping checks and balances and restoring a natural order … Read more

20 Fantastic Ways To Stop Climate Change

Collins Glacier in King George Island, Antarctica.

20 Fantastic Ways To Stop Climate Change Climate change is a frightening thing. Although a 1 degree rise in temperature sounds minimal, the effects of climate change are far-reaching, with floods, super-storms and droughts on the increase and seemingly no way to stop them. The powers that be hold conferences and pass memorandums, but it … Read more

30 Easy Ways To Stop Global Warming


What is Global Warming? Global warming is a serious issue affecting our world today. Modern society has become a wasteful society needlessly expending toxins into our air that contribute to climate change and environmental destruction. Global warming is caused by air pollution in the atmosphere that is similar to a sheet or a shield, in … Read more