Is Gorilla Tape Flammable?

Gorilla Tape

One would need gorilla tape to locate a home. Whether you require it for furniture repair, DIY tasks, or fixing cracked windows and screens. The tape is generally affordable and of high quality. Is Gorilla Tape Flammable, though?

In this article, we shall answer various questions, including whether gorilla tape catches fire, how hot it can get before melting, whether you can use it as electrical tape, and whether it works better than duct tape. Also, you’ll learn the numerous kinds of flammable and non-flammable tapes as well as the flammability of gaffer tape.

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Can Gorilla Tape Catch Fire?

Gorilla tape does not catch fire easily. According to the safety data sheet, Gorilla tape is not explosive, flammable, or chemically reactive. Its most popular application is as a fire safety product. It can stick things that ordinary duct tape can’t because of its thick adhesive. Gorilla tape is a form of duct tape with a fire retardant.

Any fire retardant material ensures that a flame introduced to it won’t spread quickly. Gorilla tape is ideal for preventing a fire from spreading during a project.

It still has the potential to catch fire, though. Gorilla tape can burn if exposed to specific circumstances, like intense heat. For instance, avoid using it close to a stove. Also, avoid using it close to heat sources that have open flames.

How Hot Can Gorilla Tape Get Before Melting?

Before melting, gorilla tape can withstand temperatures up to 200°F (93°C). However, at about 140°F (60°C), its adhesive properties will disintegrate. The bond will start to weaken and eventually separate from the attachment. The rubber adhesive and polyethylene backing will melt under prolonged heat, exposing the fabric core, and then burn.

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Get the permanent gorilla tape all weather if you want a tape that can survive the elements. Its primary characteristics are its resistance to peeling, drying, and cracking from sunlight, water, cold, and heat.

Is Gaffer Tape Flammable?

Gaffer tape is flammable. When exposed to an open flame, it burns quickly. While exposing the tape to heat sources, you might need to take extra precautions. However, it is significantly more heat resistant than duct tape. Nevertheless, the tape is unsuitable for electrical projects because it cannot withstand high voltages and temperatures.

A cloth-based tape with an easy-to-remove adhesive is called gaffer tape. The tape has several applications in various ways in the entertainment sector. The tape is stronger than duct tape and comes off cleanly, unlike duct tape. The tape is not as flexible as duct tape.

Can Gorilla Tape Be Used as Electrical Tape?

You can substitute gorilla tape for electrical tape. Even though its primary purpose is not as an electrical tape, you can still use it. Gorilla tape is strong even when damp and has good insulation properties. It is best for outdoor applications thanks to these two traits. Gorilla’s flexibility makes it easier to wrap around corners and curves.

Since gorilla tape is significantly more durable than regular electrical tape, it can support twice as much weight.

Use gorilla tape instead of standard electrical tape if you don’t have any other options. However,  we highlight some pointers for using gorilla instead of electrical tape below.

  1. Cover the exposed wires using a small duct tape to prevent the glue from seeping.
  2. Always cut the gorilla tape slightly longer than the wire or cord you tap. It will guarantee adequate overlap and that the tape remains in place.
  3. You should wrap one end of the wire in gorilla tape and then firmly press it in place.
  4. Keep the gorilla tape tight and overlapping as you wrap it around the wire.
  5. Once you’ve wrapped the entire length of the wire, trim off any extra tape. 

Does Gorilla Tape Work Better Than Duct Tape?

The fact is that each tape has a different set of uses. Which tape is superior depends on what you plan to use it for. It’s crucial to remember that gorilla tape is a thicker, stronger alternative to duct tape. Gorilla tape is tough to remove from a surface due to its triple adhesive strength.

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The key differences between the two tapes are in the table below.

Duct tapeGorilla tape
ThicknessMore prone to tearing or breaking down because it is thinner than gorilla tape.It’s difficult to tear apart because it’s two to three times thicker.
GradesCome in a range of grades.It only has one grade of strength.
WaterproofIt is waterproof but won’t last longer than gorilla tape.When subjected to moisture and water, it lasts longer than duct tape.
AdhesionWeaker adhesive compared to that gorilla tape.It sticks a little longer and firmer even after exposure to various environments.
PriceIt is cheaper and more affordable.The tape is more expensive than duct tape.
ComponentsPolythene is the top layer, the fabric is the middle layer, and rubber-based glue is the bottom layer.Gorilla tape has a weather-resistant outer layer, followed by a reinforced fabric backing and strong adhesive.
VarietiesIt has different colors, widths, and lengthsNumerous different lengths and widths, as well as various colors.
UsesYou can use it for minor repairs, sealing cracks, packing boxes, and patching holes.You can use repairs that need stronger tape on rougher or rubber surfaces or for mechanical work and holding wood together.

See the video below for further reasons why gorilla tape is superior: 

6 Reasons Gorilla Tape is the Best Duct Tape & Why You Need It In Your Home!

Flammable Tapes

The material used in making a tape will determine how flammable it is. It will probably burn faster if made primarily of cloth or paper.

1. Duct tape

Due to its flammability, it has a high fire risk. It contains a unique resin that is highly flammable and non-toxic. The middle layer of cotton mesh on the three-layered tape is quite explosive.

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Duct tape melts, splits, and cracks when exposed to heat over time as it loses strength.

2. Washi tape

Japanese paper makes washi, a beautiful tape that works well for handicrafts. Most people use it to create artwork, papers, lights, doors, and calligraphy. It is simple to rip by hand.

Some people think of it as superior rice paper masking tape.

3. Masking tape

The backing of a thin piece of paper is covered with a tiny layer of adhesive to create the tape. You can use it for short-term, non-weight-bearing fixes that call for you to leave no marks when you remove it.

Non Flammable Tapes

1. Electrical tape

The tape is not flammable. It is made of a rubber that can handle temperatures up to 176°F (80°C) before it starts to melt. While the tape may not be flammable, the adhesive on it will be affected by the heat and lose its adhesive properties. Too much heat will permanently damage the tape’s adhesive bond. 

The tape is made from a particular type of plastic treated with an adhesive layer. It provides insulation on conductive metals such as electrical wiring. 

2. Scotch tape

The tape is designed to be flame resistant, making it non-flammable. High heat will, however, melt the tape, and the adhesive will fail. The tape burns steadily over time without causing a fire or explosion. 

The tape is made from polyester, polyethylene, and polyvinyl acetate. 

3. Packing tape

The tape won’t catch fire in normal circumstances, so it is considered flammable. You can use it over LED lighting without worrying that it will catch fire. It doesn’t have a cloth backing making it much easier to tear with your hands. 


Is there a way to remove Gorilla Tape?

Because gorilla tape is so strong, removing it leaves stains. Use WD-40 oil, acetone, mineral spirits, or a generic glue remover to avoid that. The removes can be placed on a fresh piece of cloth. It should be dabbed on the stain and given some time to dry. Wipe up the surface.

Use the stain removers listed above directly on any clothing or fabric where gorilla tape has left a stain. After giving the stains a few minutes of gentle rubbing, wash the fabric with soap and water. Always use chemicals, especially acetone, in a well-ventilated area to prevent accidents.

What kind of tape can withstand heat?

Titanium basalt fiber webbing tape is one of the tapes that can tolerate extreme heat. The tape can withstand heat of up to 1292°F (700°C). Glass fiber tape, ladder tape, Silica fiber webbing tape, and self-adhesive fiberglass tape are a few more that can handle heat well.

High heat-resistant tapes don’t melt on your surface or leave a residue when exposed to high temperatures. These tapes are frequently used for gasketing around ovens, hot pipes, and furnaces, as well as high-temperature sealing, thermal insulation, and gasketing.

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Gorilla tape is merely a form of duct tape with a fire retardant; it is neither flammable nor chemically reactive. You can use it instead of electrical tape because it has strong insulating qualities.

Gorilla tape has properties that make it superior to duct tape. Duct, washi, and masking tapes are flammable. Packing, Scotch, and electrical tapes are non-flammable tapes.

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