Why Are Rocks Used To Make Buildings?


A safe shelter is mandatory for everyone. It provides a home to people and a sense of security to keep all their precious belongings protected. Moreover, it also helps protect people from natural calamities, theft, and other problematic situations. Thus, living in solid homes helps man solve these problems efficiently and sleep soundly at night.

Have you ever thought to yourself, how were homes even created? That dates back to several years ago when man roamed from one place to another in search of food, water and shelter. As they migrated exponentially, they discovered numerous things that they began to use for their benefit. One of them was the discovery of rocks.

Rocks are being used to make buildings ever since the evolution of human history. Even in those times, people used stones for various purposes and soon found out that they could help create substantial buildings that could last better.

Initially, people started by making homes of mud and wood. But due to their vulnerable protection, people realized that these weren’t temporary solutions. That is when rocks begin to fall into play.

Why Are Rocks Used in Buildings?

Even amidst all the modern technology and efficient tools, man is utterly reliable on rocks to build solid and durable homes. That is because the strength, durability and abundance that these materials provide are hard to find anywhere else.

Over the years, more than thousands of buildings have been constructed using rocks. That is why they stand significant like no other material for building homes.

Although building massive buildings with rocks was next to impossible in the early days, our forefathers managed to create tiny ones for themselves. These helped them seek shelter without much inconvenience.

Rocks also prove to be better than other materials to make buildings. While other materials may provide less durability, jewels help create concrete walls and surfaces that promise scalability.

Also, rocks come in handy to make moderate-temperature interiors. Today, there are many types of stones used to construct buildings for the same purpose. It is also used to build fireplaces, kitchens and other rooms for maximum usefulness in interiors. That is why people worldwide continue to use rocks to construct buildings irrespective of their size and structure.

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Rocks come in many types. Granite, Limestone and sandstone are some of the most common types of stones used to build homes. With the advent of modernisation, people today do not shy away from experimenting.

For their homes, too, people love to experiment with different materials for home building. That is why amidst everything else, people also love to experiment with building stones for durability and style.

While it is tough to pick out one famous rock used as building stone, we can list down the best ones here so that you can pick according to your convenience, preference and budget.

1. Granite

Building robust interiors for your building is one of the crucial things to keep in mind. Strong countertops, fireplaces and driveway curbs need careful consideration and practical construction. Granite makes that possible. This natural stone is highly durable, efficient and provides a valuable rough texture for exterior application.

2. Limestone

Limestone is one of the most prominently used natural stones to build homes. These stones provide great texture to your home, offer impeccable adaptability that eco-friendly lovers can’t stop wanting and are easy to sculpt as well. More so, it can help to build long-lasting homes that provide maximum protection to you and your family forever.

3. Slate

Slate is one of the most widely used natural stones to build homes. These have been in use for thousands of years now for their impeccable resistance that never ceases to last.

It is a dense metamorphic rock that adds warmth to homes in no time. It is also easy to trim, durable and stain-resistant. You can use it for building cladding, countertops and even roof covering over the fireplace.

4. Travertine

A sedimentary rock, Travertine makes for an excellent natural stone to create both indoor solid and outdoor structures instantly. You can use them to build garden walkways, a fireplace and even outdoor flooring.

What is The Strongest Type of Stone?

Today, there are thousands of stones on earth that are used for diverse purposes. While some are construction stones, others can be worn as ornaments and more. Quartz, Limestone, gemstones and Granite are some of the most famous rocks known to humanity.

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Although the most vital type of stone has been debatable for several years, there is no doubt that the two types of rocks are the strongest in the world. They are Wurtzite boron nitride and Lonsdaleite. Now, the question is, what makes them so different from all others, and how do they manage to be the most potent stone ever to exist? Well, there are a multitude of reasons to justify that.

For starters, both Wurtzite boron nitride and Lonsdaleite have impeccable strength that even surpasses Diamond in so many ways.

These are made of different atoms. Londaleite was said to be formed when meteorites made of graphite hit the earth. Similarly, wurtzite boron nitride was formed when volcanic eruptions produced very high temperatures and pressures.

Both these strong stones are flexible and provide exceptional durability that makes them last forever. However, there are many other strong stones like granite, Limestone that can also be used for building homes. Thus, they are handy to humanity.

What Are The Qualities of a Good Building Stone?

The primary characteristics of a good building stone are durability and strength. Since these two are the significant elements that help create the entire building foundation, nothing matches them. However, several other features come into role play. If you are new to construction and you do not know about good building stones, this will help you pick the best one for your home in no time.

1. Hardness

When you are looking for stones to use for floors, pavements and bridges, you require those materials to deal with abrasive forces and regular wear and tear. So, you have to test its hardness to find out about it when you are looking for a good building stone.

2. Fire resistance

Your home may catch fire or deal with fire in a multitude of ways at some point in life. Thus, building stones should be free from calcium, iron and even minerals with different thermal expansion.

Therefore, you have to look for stones that can withstand high temperatures so that you can remain inside your home without worrying too much. Recent studies have found out that Limestone can withstand high temperatures adequately. That is why it is a good building stone for all the right reasons today.

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3. Appearance

Uneven building stones can be hazardous for the construction of the building. That is why you have to look out for light and provide compact texture as well.

Since dark coloured stones fade out with time, light coloured stones are more preferable for such purposes. However, you have to keep in mind that the light-coloured stones you opt for in your home are free from clay holes, bands and more.

4. Seasoning

Good building stones are usually free from quarry sap. This is what makes the surface soft and easy to use. The process of removing quarry sap is thus known as seasoning. It generally takes 6 to 12 months to complete this process appropriately to construct a building efficiently.

What Are the Uses of Stones in the Building?

By now, you know that there are a plethora of building stones available across the world. All these stones provide different features and benefits to build the home of your dreams. While some may not be so durable, others may help you create a long-lasting home for yourself.

The excellent building stones that are used for these purposes are known for all the right reasons. As construction stones, they provide buildings with a multitude of benefits and functions on an everyday note.

For starters, stones like marble, granite and sandstone are used for facing the work of buildings. Thus, they are used as central stones for these purposes. Limestone and sandstone also make for general building works. So, these are two of the most commonly used building stones everywhere today.

Apart from these, compact Limestone and sandstone may also be used for fire-resistance masonry. This is highly crucial to safeguard your home and belongings from all types of fire problems. For floor paving, sandstone, granite, marble and slate are the most commonly used stones.

Fire-grained granite and gneiss stones are used for engineering works. All these stones provide some or the other type of function to the buildings made today across the world.

Bottom Line

Rocks are highly significant for building contemporary homes. The next time you get confused about stones and their uses, do not forget to go through this blog again. So, why keep waiting forever?

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