Save the Environment With These Simple Strategies

Save the Environment with these Simple Strategies

For some, global heating and environmental issues are only buzzwords. However, these are real problems that impact the living standard of our generation and future generations as well. Even the simplest gestures, such as switching off the lights could contribute to a better environment.

However, many seem to completely disregard them. In many people’s opinion, living a greener life only leads to increased living costs, when in reality, this could actually decrease your monthly bills. Becoming energy-efficient is one of the fastest ways to contribute to a healthier environment. However, below are some other strategies that will help as well.

Lower Energy Costs

By lowering your energy bill, you will do more than helping your family finances. You will save the environment as well. Simple strategies like replacing your light bulb with smart options and unplugging your appliances when you’re not actively using those are great places to start.

  • Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. This simple change could help you save up to ten times the energy you would consume if you were to keep your regular ones. These bulbs have a lifespan about four times longer than regular ones do.
  • Turn off the lights when you’re not in a room. This is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners do. If you are the forgetful kind, invest in timers or movement sensors. This way you will automate this daunting task.
  • Look for the Energy Star label when purchasing appliances. These ones are friendlier to your energy bill. Appliances like freezers are notorious for eating up the most energy in a household.
  • Learn how to set up your heating and cooling temperatures. One big mistake most homeowners do will cost them plenty of money at the end of the month. They set the wrong temperatures on their thermostats. Learn how to set yours up correctly by consulting the user’s manual.
  • Learn how to wash your clothes properly. Most often than not, we use our washers completely wrong. We set the temperature too high, we overload our washers and we use too many detergents. This increases our energy consumption incredibly. If you want to decrease the energy that your washer uses, make sure to select a lower temperature and use shorter cycles. Also, make sure to never overload your washing machine.
  • Switch from your traditional HVAC system to a Mini-Split AC and Heat Pump. The latter is more discreet, makes almost no noise and is by far more efficient than your old system. In the long run, a change like this will help you save plenty of money on energy bills. Plus, no ductwork is required to install those.
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Use Alternative Energy Sources

Green and clean energy is friendlier on the environment because it comes from renewable sources. Solar panels and wind turbines are friendlier on the environment than traditional energy manufacturing methods. The distribution methods are also cleaner. Investing in solar panels seems a bit extreme for many homeowners, when in reality, it becomes a smart investment right away. Solar panels will offer you increased rates of self-sustainability.

Besides, the initial investment is a smart one. Solar and wind energy prices are on a descending trend, which makes them more affordable. Thus, even if you don’t want to invest in systems to generate your own energy, you can purchase it at very affordable prices.

Insulate Your Home

Your attempts to save energy will be in vain is you don’t have a system that preserves the energy indoors. Proper home insulation in all key areas in your home is also a smart investment, if you want to cut energy bills in half. A professional team will assess the situation of your home and make recommendations. Generally, you have to insulate your attic and basement. In most of cases, proper insulation around your doors and windows is necessary. When you install an insulation system, you prevent the cold air from entering your home and the hot air from escaping it in the winter. This way, your heating efforts won’t be in vain. Better windows will also help.

Enjoy Natural Light

Enjoy natural light and lower your bills! This is a great strategy that you could use to save more energy. If you have dark-painted walls, paint them white. This way, your rooms will look lighter and airier. Invest in light-colored curtains. Leave them open to enjoy more hours of natural light daily.

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Reduce Waste

Waste is one of the biggest challenges our society has to overcome. The vast majority of us purchase more than we can consume. This is especially true for food. Instead of stuffing your shopping cart with different products, you could try to implement a weekly meal plan. This will help you create a comprehensive shopping list that includes only the necessary products for the week to come. Try to only shop once a week. This will make it more difficult to buy more than you need. Avoid temptation by only shopping after you eat. This way, not everything will appeal to you.

Switch to Natural Detergents and Cleaning Products

Air pollution is one of the biggest enemies of the environment. Also, it impacts directly our health. Chemicals and cleaning products that are available on the market generate toxic vapours that can damage our health and pollute the air. Instead of using store-bought cleaning products, you could try to prepare your own mixtures. For instance, a baking soda and vinegar mixture is a great cleaning solution, suitable for a variety of purposes.

For an air-filtering effect, invest in lots of living plants and distribute those throughout your house. Keep in mind that some plants have more air filtering qualities than others do. Do your homeowner before purchasing your plants.

These are some simple pieces of advice that will help you save the environment on a budget. These are not big investments. In the long run, these strategies will help you reduce your energy bills sensitively. Make sure to pick your appliances well, for the best results. Insulation also plays a great role.

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