Going Green: Tips For Organizing a Beach Clean-up This Summer

people cleaning beach

The climate changes, pollution, and people’s negligence have seriously affected the environment that we live in. All those conditions have a great negative impact on our health because of the quality of the air that is affected and the extreme weather conditions such as wildfires and extreme heat.

More and more people have started to realize the importance of protecting the environment in order to keep an environment that will not lead to serious health problems for people all over the world. We all need to get involved in respecting the environment that we live in by protecting it by changing our habits that destroy it day by day such as excessive use of cars that pollute the air considerably, throwing the trash on the ground, excessive water usage, deforestation and using plastic bags that we never recycle.

A clean-up initiative is something that shows people are motivated to create and maintain a healthy environment for them and future generations. It is an initiative that all of us should support and follow in order to generate awareness among people all over the world. Organizing a beach clean-up has a great importance for cleaning your community and you need to make sure it all goes by the book so that the initiative is a success that will gain fame and motivate others to follow your example.

Plan ahead

When you are aiming for the success of an event, you need to consider that there is a lot of work to do in order for everything to be perfect. Firstly, create a plan with the most important task that you need to take care of so that you do not miss any essential aspect that needs to be complete.

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Set the goals that you want to achieve at the end of the event so that you know all the steps that need to be followed for reaching them. Secondly, after checking the weather prognosis a date needs to be set so that all the people that are planning to be part of your initiative to know when they should free their schedule.

Find sponsors

The budget is one of the most important aspects that you need to consider when planning a beach clean-up. There are numerous expenses that require you to have a well-designed budget to know exactly how you are going to divide the money. The local council should be one of the financial sponsors that you need to reach out to. Not only that they can support you financially but they can also help you with providing some of the tools that are needed and transportation for the volunteers.

Also, there are many companies that would like their name to be associated with an ecological initiative because this would help them market their businesses and gain trust from the public. Considering a win-win situation, those companies are going to be willing to give financial support to your event as well.

Gather as many volunteers as possible

Volunteers are the most important aspect of such an event. Because it is an altruistic initiative that only has good purposes, you need to find people that are motivated and enthusiastic to work hard for reaching the goals of the event. Marketing is the key success to make your message reach to all the people in your surroundings and gather as many volunteers as possible that want to get involved in your initiative for keeping a healthy environment.

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The internet is a fast way to market your event, Social Media and websites will surely let all the Millennials to find out about the beach clean-up day that you are organizing and they will surely want to get involved. Also, local media should definitely be part of your marketing strategy to spread the news of the success of your event in your surroundings that can see it as a great example to follow.

Prepare all the necessary tools

When organizing a beach clean-up, you are the one that should provide all the necessary tools for the volunteers to be able to do their work. Consider that you are going to need trash bags to collect the garbage, metal detectors for the kids that are taking part of the event to have a treasure hunt while helping the adults, gloves for the volunteers to protect their hands from the dirt.

Organize groups and assign specific tasks

Once you have created a list with the volunteers that are willing to be part of your clean-up initiative, you need to organize a meeting where you can create groups and assign specific tasks so that everybody will know what they have to do and there will be no confusion on the day of the clean-up. Specific tasks that are already assigned and knowing which area you have will make things work more efficiently and faster.

Celebrate your hard work together with the volunteers

Once all the work has been done, you need to celebrate together with the volunteers the success of your hard work and the satisfying results. The fact that you have been part of a step of fighting for a healthier and cleaner environment is surely a reason good enough to make you feel proud of yourself, no matter how hard the work was.

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To celebrate this gratifying day that you have spent together, provide food and drinks, turn the music on and after you have thanked everybody for their involvement, let the party start. There will surely be nothing more rewarding than spending time on the beach that you have beautified together, enjoying the view and the people around you.

Take before-and-after photos

Not only that you are going to be able to show everybody the big difference between a dirty beach with garbage everywhere and a clean one in order to encourage more initiatives like yours to take part, but photos are also amazing memories to keep in mind the nice people that you have worked and had fun with together.

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