Is Recycling a Weapon Against Global Warming?

recycling weapon against global warming

Global warming puts at risk food supplies, water, and the places that people call home. The impact of climate change is hard to deny in a world where glaciers have shrunk, species are going extinct, and weather conditions are hazardous to human life and property. It’s not too late to stop global warming.

However, action needs to be taken right away. What can we do? Well, we can recycle more. Recycling can help slow down climate change, which is why it’s very important to start practicing the Reduce Reuse Recycle principle of waste management. If you haven’t got the message, our planet is in trouble. Recycle and protect the environment. Recycling is a new tool to fight global warming. And how does it help exactly?

Recycling Reduces CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions, or carbon dioxide, directly contribute to the greenhouse effect. The buildup of gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, brings about the greenhouse effect by absorbing heat. Practically, they trap the heat coming from the Sun, which in turn makes the planet warmer than it should be. CO2 emissions are very bad for the environment. They’re produced in such big amounts that the ones which can now be found in the atmosphere is quite dangerous. Recycling plays an essential part in reducing the amount of CO2 emissions.

Recycling, as well as waste reduction, can cut carbon dioxide by millions of tons per year. What happens is that recycled materials are deployed to make new products. There is no need to extract or to mine virgin materials. Scientists have discovered it’s possible to recycle the CO2 emitted by power stations and transform it into fuels and valuable chemicals. They think they can reduce carbon dioxide into short molecules, like methane and carbon monoxide. The European Union is thinking about funding scope for CO2 capture technology, with a focus on transport infrastructure. Cutting down on the carbon footprint doesn’t seem like an impossible goal.

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Recycling Conserves Precious Natural Resources

Soon, we’ll run out of natural resources. There’s high demand for coal, oil, and gas. What’s more, our water resources are getting low as a result of human activity. They are becoming inaccessible and even those resources that are accessible and unevenly distributed. It’s therefore important to conserve natural resources and reduce waste. Recycling reduces the need to use natural resources. It significantly decreases resources depletion and protects the environment from the destructive effects of mining, drilling, and deforestation. Owing to the fact that our survival as a species depends on natural resources, it’s essential to preserve them.

It takes a great deal of energy to create a product from virgin materials as compared to making the same product from recycled materials. Homeowners and businesses do their due diligence by saving materials and making sure that they get to recycling centers. Well-known international brands are making commitments to the planet by using recycle containers, which prevent pollution and reduce the waste that is put out. Here are three companies that are committed to preserving natural resources:

  1. MAC Cosmetics. If you return six product containers, you receive a free lipstick or an eye shadow in return. The Back to MAC recycling program was launched to determine customers to recycle. MAC Cosmetics has other social initiative programs in place.
  2. PepsiCo. The company recently announced that it’ll use 25% of recycled content in its plastic packaging by 2025, in an effort to fight plastic waste. All its packaging will be recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable.
  3. Nike. Besides the fact that Nike makes most of its footwear from its own garbage, the company joined the Un Climate Change & Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action not long ago, pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Perhaps these examples will inspire you to take action.

Recycling Protects Biodiversity

Although biodiversity is very important, it’s treated poorly. People don’t support the birds, reptiles, or mammals that live in their neighborhoods. They don’t recycle and the waste goes into the landfills, which releases pollutants into the soil, water, and air. Changes occur regarding local species, mammals and birds being replaced by garbage lovers, such as rats and crows. It’s important to recycle to stop biodiversity loss on a global scale. Through recycling, pollution is controlled. So, birds and animals still have a home – in other words, waste doesn’t harm biodiversity. Recycling alleviates some of the burden placed on the limited landfill space.

There’s nothing more important than stopping the degradation of biodiversity. Everything we do produces greenhouse gas effects that threaten the planet. This includes heating the home and the workplace, traveling, eating, dressing, and so on and so forth. In addition to recycling, consume seasonal foods, ride the bike or share transport, and, limit waste. There’s no limit to how much material you can recycle. Make sure to get a recycling bin. What good can come out of recycling your household trash? Well, less waste goes into the landfills and there’s no more pressure on mining for new materials. Give it a try.

Recycling Protects People

The fact that recycling protects humans shouldn’t come as a surprise. This practice offers many health benefits, including preventing hazardous waste. Recycling used engine oil, for instance, protects us and wildlife from water contamination. The oil doesn’t get into water resources, so drinking water supplies aren’t at risk. Let’s not forget about electronic waste, which endangers human health. Discarded electronics contain dangerous substances, such as mercury and cadmium. If the surplus of electronic devices is recycled, these dangerous substances won’t contaminate freshwater sources. The point is that recycling is good for public health.

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The bottom line is that global warming needs to be stopped and recycling can turn out to be an effective weapon against it. climate change can be solved by eliminating the role of fossil fuels and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Therefore, in a simple sense, it’s necessary to reduce, reuse, and recycle. It’s not complicated and recycling can help fight against global warming.

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