25+ Extraordinary Ways to Save Electricity


Many people undertake activities that result in electricity wastage and in the long run the outcomes are very costly. Perhaps, this is the reason electricity prices become more and more expensive year after year. In order to ameliorate the situation, it is imperative to undertake daily practical electricity saving tips. By doing so, the entire planet can significantly reduce the costs of electricity as well as consumption.

Till today most of the electricity is generated from coal powered plants. While people are switching to renewable sources to generate power but it is going to take a long time to make a complete switch to renewable energy sources. Therefore it is important for all of us to save electricity as these coal powered plants will have to produce less energy which also means less consumption of fossil fuels which means less pollution in the air.

Let’s look at 25+ extraordinary ways we could save or conserve electricity.

1. Turn off entertainment devices when they are not in use. Always turn off your video, television, play station, radio, and monitor among other entertainment devices when they are not in use. Don’t even leave them in standby mode because in this state they can consume up to 90% of power.

2. Remove all the conventional incandescent light bulbs and replace with energy efficient bulbs. The convention incandescent light bulbs use lots of energy. By replacing them with energy saving CFC bulbs, you end up saving up to six times more of energy. Similarly, replace your halogen spotlights with the durable and energy saving LED spotlights.

3. Put out lights when you leave a room. Insist on switching the lights off every time you exit the office or your house to save electricity.

4. Use natural lighting. A window facing the direction of the sun can illuminate twenty to one hundred times its area. This will ensure you switch off the lights which will reduce your overall lighting costs and equally saves energy.

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5. Limit time spent in the shower. Hot water means more costs of electricity. Insist on taking shorter showers to minimize energy costs and to save electricity.

6. Wash clothes with cold water and dry them outside in the air. Washing clothes with cold water saves the energy that could have been used for heating whereas line drying the clothes uses the sun’s natural energy instead of using an electric powered dryer.

7. Use the microwave to heat up food or to cook small meals. As much as the microwave can consume lots of power, it can save the overall use of energy when it is used to heat up food and cook smaller meals instead of cooking these foods afresh.

8. Turn down the indoor heating system. You can save up to 10% of your heating bill by lowering the heating system thermostats. Instead of using individual radiators indoors during cold periods, you can use warm clothing to stay warm. Also, ensure that the heating systems in rarely used rooms are turned off.

9. Buy energy efficient electrical appliances. Energy efficient fridges, televisions, washing machines, heaters, coffee makers, kettles and so on can significantly reduce the costs of electricity in the long-term. As much as these appliances may be costly to purchase, once you have obtained them, you can save energy and also have much more durable models.

10. Repeatedly clean the condenser coils beneath or at the back of the freezer. From time to time, ensure you vacuum clean the accumulated dust on the fridges’ condenser coil as it reduces its efficiency by about 25% which increases your electricity bill.

11. Use a fan instead of air conditioning. The fan uses less energy which conserves electric power as opposed to air conditioning that uses more energy and leads to energy wastage.

12. Keep your freezer or refrigerator full at all times. Keeping your freezer or refrigerator full utilizes less electrical energy compared to an empty or partly full refrigerator/freezer.

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13. Only iron when you have a large batch. By ironing your clothes only when you have a large batch instead of a piecemeal, you can save a lot of energy, and you will eventually lower your electricity bill.

14. Use fan ovens and pressure cookers. Fan ovens use convection to circulate hot air throughout the oven lowering cooking energy by up to 30%. Pressure cookers use 25% less power compared to the widely used electrical cookers.

15. Opt for solar and wind energy. Consider installing solar and wind power to make use of the renewable energy instead of depending on the regular power grid. You will end up saving energy and cash in the long-term.

16. Use smaller cooking vessels and ensure the lid is on when heating or cooking. You can speed up cooking or heating up to four times by using smaller cooking vessels and by ensuring the lid is on. This translates to use of less power.

17. Do a home audit regarding the use of efficient energy. Request for an audit related to energy efficient solutions and ask about alternative energy utilization such as wind and solar as well as energy efficient electric products.

18. Recycle your old TV and do away with the desktop computer. The old televisions are heavy consumers of electricity. You should consider recycling it to save electricity. The same applies to desktop computers. If you still have one, consider replacing it with a laptop computer to save electricity.

19. Consistently practice the DO’s and DONT’s concerning fridge utilization. Do not put hot food into the fridge, instead, wait until it cools. Do not leave uncovered liquids in the fridge as it leads to the use of more energy. Regularly defrost your fridge to keep it cool. Ensure the contents of your freezer are tidy to prevent having the fridge door open for a long time. All these aspects cumulatively help to save energy.

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20.Unplug idle electronics. Even if the electronic device is turned off but still plugged into the wall, it can account for an average of 10% of your electricity bill annually. So, ensure you unplug any idle electronics to save power.


21. Use cold water for laundry. By switching from hot to cold water for your laundry, you end up saving a lot on your energy expense.

22. Use a microwave instead of an oven. A microwave uses less energy which conserves electric power compared to an oven that uses more energy and leads to energy wastage. For instance, a microwave takes only 15 minutes to heat the same food that would take an hour in an oven.

23. Promote natural air flow in your home. Natural air flow can save you a good deal of energy during the summer compared to using air conditioning system. You can achieve this by being tactical with your window coverings.

24. Fold clothes as soon as they are out of the tumble drier. You can save the energy costs of ironing by folding clothes immediately you get them out of the tumble dryer when they are still warm.

25. Run a full load in an efficient dishwasher. Washing your dishes full load in an efficient dishwasher uses limited hot water. It simply saves water and money, and above all, it saves electricity.

26. Insulate the leakages. Looks out for the leaks in your rooms and insulate those leaks. A small leak in your room can cause your air conditioner to use more energy to cool down your home.

27. Switch off your fridge when you go out on a long vacation. Its not a bad idea to switch off your fridge when you are going out on a long vacation.

28. Make use of dimmer switches. Dimmer switches will not only use optimum amount of energy but will also save some extra dollars in your pocket.

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