The Environmental Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Are you looking for online printing for your posters and other custom labels? Maybe you want a reliable, cost-effective and high-quality solution. But are you considering environmental benefits?

Digital printing has revolutionized printing industry for years. To be specific, it has introduced an environmentally friendly method of printing. In choosing to go digital, you’re choosing to conserve the environment as it bears huge environmental benefits.

So, what are these environmental benefits?

1. Prevention and Reduction of Waste

While online printing still needs paper, it consumes less than conventional printing. The traditional printers have constant running wastes of up to 15%. That means for every order you place, 15 percent goes to waste.

But since digital printers don’t need any setup and use electronic charges to print, wastage is reduced to 5%. Just by switching the printing machines, you’re able to reduce wastage by 10 percent.

Some printers can use recycled paper further reducing wastages.

2. Ability to Send and Approve Proofs Electronically

With conventional printing, if you want a press proof, it means the job must be set up, make plates, string paper through the press, print on them and cut them down to size. All this work for a few copies of your business card or any other document.

Now thanks to online printing, it’s possible to know how your final product looks like. With this technology, you don’t need to print them at all. This allows you to save on time and money.

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But with that, there are times when press proofs are necessary. That’s when you’re trying out a new ink color or a special material. Proofing these documents allows you to make sure they meet design expectations.

Luckily, with digital printing, you don’t need to print several documents. One document is enough to check all these features. This makes it less wasteful than conventional printers.

3. Uses Less Toxic Chemicals

In conventional printing, a printer takes in lots of chemicals to produce one piece. For instance, you’ll need a darker room to make plates. These plates are either rubber or polyester.

You’ll also need the right solvents that get rid of ink from specific rollers. If these solvents come into contact with water, it gets polluted.

4. Reduced Costs

Digital printing helps reduce the entire printing cost. Unlike in conventional printing, you don’t need to make new plates. All this helps reduce the average printing cost, especially for small volume printing requirements.

As such, you can easily print marketing materials like brochures, flyers, business forms and cards. What’s more color printing will be viable as if you were printing black and white. Plus, you can print your documents to size. All this helps reduce the wastages you incur.

5. Speed

With reduced and simplified steps in online printing, printing takes less time. Unlike in traditional printing, you don’t need to go through the complex setup process. As such, you can place your orders and get them on the same day.

This is true because most business printing is of retail quantity and volume. Using conventional printing techniques would, therefore, cost you more in terms of time and money to print.

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6. Quality

In online printing, you won’t experience problems with print quality. The colors will be vibrant and great as you want them to. The hues, shades, and lines will be sharper and controllable to the degree you want them to.

Further, you get to maintain the print quality consistent from your first copy to the last.

7. Print Flexibility

As a business, lots of printing requirements are for marketing purposes. All aim at getting a specific market and test run a specific product. As such, they need to personalize to make them adaptive to a set target market.

For this reason, the business needs short-run content. Traditional printing techniques wouldn’t be able to handle this. But that’s not the case with online printing. This is because the information to be printed wouldn’t be engraved on the master.

8. Prototyping

One common issue with all businesses is the number of their first orders. They’re all small. That’s because they want to determine what does and doesn’t work for their business. But printing small quantities of paper is costly and untenable through the traditional printing methods. However, these businesses will not need these expensive printing options.

With digital printing, you can do prototyping faster and at a lesser cost. Plus you can operate your own printing system or outsource the task to commercial printers. Outsourcing the job to experts spares you from headaches of operating your own system.


Digital printing impacts positively on the environment. It reduces the chemical and physical waste that was high in traditional printing. So, other than its reliability, and high quality, eco-friendliness is another reason to choose online printing.

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