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Cutting Waste With Gifts That Last an Eternity

Cutting Waste With Gifts That Last an Eternity

Gift giving in the current age is changing. With concerns about climate change and the impact of meters of wrapping paper and ribbon being binned, many are looking to cut this waste and provide gifts that last longer than the ubiquitous plastic packaging. Cutting waste at the same time as gifting something that will last a lifetime and beyond is a winning combination for all who want to show their appreciation to their loved ones without harming the earth. Here are just some ideas.

Buy Durable Natural Products

Cutting waste does not mean you can no longer to out and buy gifts, but just consider something durable or made of natural products. Gift your loved one some beautiful 24k gold earrings as a symbol of your love and gratitude as these are something the next generation can treasure since they last a lifetime. Consider gifts made from natural products, such as a wood carving, a knitted throw, a preserved rose or a patchwork cushion.

Homemade Crafts or Foods

Knitting, sewing, baking, or creating art as gifts is becoming big business, as can be seen by online sites like Etsy. You don’t need to be highly skilled to create a gift.  A warm scarf or a tray of flapjacks that you know they love will be more meaningful than a shop-bought gift since it shows you have put time and effort to create something just for them.

Many of us have scores of photographs on our devices.  Search out the best one related to the person or people you are giving the present to and have this framed. The picture can be printed on canvas or placed in a simple frame for them to display.

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Handmade Gift Coupons

Instead of gifts that end up in the back of the cupboard or the thrift shop within weeks, make gift coupons as gifts, focusing ideas on what they would really like.  This could be a manicure for your mother, babysitting for a new mum, doing chores for a loved one to give them some free time, cooking a favorite meal dinner or any number of ideas that you are willing to offer.

Experiences Make Memories

Memories last a lifetime and create stories that can pass through the generations. A visit to the ballet may launch the dance career of a child or a visit to a museum may be the start of a lifelong fascination in a particular field. Museum memberships, magazine subscriptions or gift certificates to concert halls or sports arenas will support interests and hobbies, broadening understanding and horizons.

A gift certificate to a weekend cookery course, or a beginners painting or clay pottery workshop could see you ignite the flame of a new hobby. Otherwise, challenge them to a new experience such as a bungee jump or driving a race car.

Books and Letters

You can buy your favorite books as gifts, sharing your interest with others and potentially opening up a new genre of material to those receiving the gift. The Gutenberg Bible is more than 550 years old, so books are truly gifts with longevity.

You can create your own book online, sharing memories and photographs with your siblings or children, which can be printed out and bound to make unique and precious gifts.

Create a recipe book of your favorite recipes for a gift that friends and family can enjoy. Do the same with poems you have written or collate love letters written and received that record the blossoming of your relationship or that of your parents or grandparents.

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