20+ Most Amazing Benefits of Trees That Are 100% True


Trees are nature’s most precious creations. Trees are here on earth a few million years before the arrival of humankind and are an extremely crucial part of the ecology and its functioning. It is impossible to imagine the existence of any life forms on the face of the earth without the trees. Benefits of trees are uncountable, but this article will capture 20+ most amazing contributions of trees to help you understand why we need to plant and care for trees.

20+ Amazing Benefits of Trees

1. Trees Are Our Only Source of Oxygen

Creatures on the earth are alive because they inhale oxygen from the air, which helps run their bodily mechanisms and exhale carbon dioxide as a by-product of the function of the body. Nature’s only source of oxygen is the trees. Through a process called photosynthesis, trees prepare food for their survival.

This process requires carbon dioxide from the air as a material and produces oxygen as a by-product. Trees emit this gas into the air, increasing its proportion and thereby meeting the need of the living creatures. An acre of land full of mature trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people in a year.

2. Trees Absorb Other Harmful Gases

Trees absorb pollutant gases like nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and ozone from the air and purify it. They filter particulates out of the air and trap them on their barks and leaves.

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3. Trees are Source of Food and Nutrition

Trees are the major source of food and nutrition, not only for human beings but also for birds and animals. The fruits borne by the trees are consumed by humans and wildlife alike. If we look into our daily lives, we can see that apart from meats and dairy products, everything we eat comes from trees and plants.

Even the nutrition that we gain from meat and dairy products emanate from the trees as the animals from which these food materials are drawn live on plants, grasses, and trees. Food items that trees offer us have all the necessary protein, carbohydrate, and fat along with vitamins and minerals to keep the body healthy and active.

4. Trees are Primary Source of Energy

Trees provide woods which are a primary source of energy in rural areas. Prior to the production of electricity, woods were the only source of energy for human beings. Moreover, trees are one of the essential components of fossil fuels, which is the primary source of energy in modern civilization.

5. Trees Help Conserve Energy

Trees sprinkle water through their pores on the leaves which are generated in the process of photosynthesis. These water particles keep the air cold and moist and lower the temperature. Thus, more trees mean less heat and even lesser requirement of air cooling machines like air conditioners, which means conservation of energy.

6. Trees Provide Shelter

Trees are great shelters for human and animals alike. Birds make their nests on the branches and stems of the trees. People can rest beneath the tree on scorching summer days. Besides, parts of trees are also used to make houses. In rural areas, people use leaves, branches, and wood of the trees to build homes.

In urban areas also wood is the major component in making doors, windows, floors of the houses. Woods are also used to make furniture and even modes of transportation like ships. However, keeping in mind the ill effects of indiscriminate cutting of the trees for human use, alternative materials are now applied for the said purposes.

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7. Trees Provide Livelihood to People

People earn their living harvesting and plucking fruits from the trees and practicing agricultural activities. There are many small business opportunities that are based on farm products like food processing industry.

Large scale industries like textile industry are based on the production of cotton, the sugar industry has the primary source of material as sugar cane, and jute industry uses jute as their sole raw material to produce various products. Then we have the handicraft industry which uses woods to create magnificent art pieces.

8. Trees are Healer of Diseases

Plants and trees have a plethora of medicinal values. They can heal patients from deadly diseases. Human beings have produced medicines to protect themselves from diseases using these therapeutic properties of the trees. Neem is one such tree that has enumerable health benefits.

9. Trees Help Save Underground Water

Trees are the most significant factor contributing to the formation of cloud and rainfall. As there is more rainfall, the possibility of having the right groundwater level is high. Besides, trees catch water and snow in their leaves and send the purified water to the aquifer through the roots. Planting trees is the eco-friendliest method of ensuring efficient conservation of groundwater level.

10. Trees Prevent Soil Erosion

The roots of the trees hold the soil on which they grow very strongly. This prevents the erosion of soil due to rain, flood, and air movements. As a result, events such as landslides on the hilly regions tend to get lower. Moreover, by preventing soil erosion, trees reduce pollution levels, protect loss of fertile land, and slow down the process of sedimentation on rivers and streams.

11. Trees Protect Eyesight

The color green is perfect for the eyes. It has a soothing effect on them and helps them function better. Moreover, trees absorb dust from the air and thereby reduces glare which again minimizes the stress on the eyes.

12. Trees Block Sound

Trees block sound in the jungle of their leaves and thus reduce noise pollution, which can be as much as 40 percent.

13. Trees Safeguard Our Environment From Climate Change

The recent heating up of the planet due to the rise in the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is radically changing the climate of the earth. Trees are the best solution to prevent this disaster from progressing.

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14. Trees Prevent Development of Deserts

Deserts are highly inhabitable places of the earth. Growing trees can transform them into an oasis and make them far more productive and habitable.

15. Trees Enhance Fertility of Soil

The decaying leaves and other parts of the tree add to the fertility of the soil and improves soil microorganisms.

16. Trees Provide Better Animal Habitat

Increased number of trees create better habitat for birds and animals and allow them to grow.

17. Trees Improve Quality of Life

Trees improve the environment of the surrounding, truncate the pollution level, reduce energy cost, beautify the place, and also increase the value of a property. It thus contributes heavily to improving the quality of life.

18. Trees are the Least Expensive Decoration

Plants and trees are the least expensive decorative items that one can use to furnish one’s residence or locality. They offer benefits that can never be estimated in terms of money.

19. Trees are Our Teacher and Playmate

Trees are the best place to find peace and solitude. Since ages, sages and philosophers have found their knowledge and wisdom meditating under the trees. Lord Buddha achieved his divine knowledge under a bodhi tree. Teachers in ancient times used to teach sitting under the trees.

20. Trees Act as Binding Force

Trees bring together people of diverse culture and communities effectively. Planting and nurturing tress not only empowers them but also develops community feeling among them.

21. Trees Make Cities More Liveable

Cities are usually dingy, noisy, and crowded. Trees add a sense of freshness and clear the air of dust and pollution to make them more liveable.

Other Important Benefits of Trees

  • Lowering the crime rate by enhancing community pride and increasing income opportunities.
  • Protecting people from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Lowering dews and frosts in agricultural areas.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the human race along with its cohabitants.


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