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Artificial Lighting Serious Impact on Wildlife [Infographic]

We use artificial light as a necessary part of our everyday life, but how often do you think of the impact this lighting can have on the environment? Excessive use of bright lights can cause many issues for animals. Certain animals use the dark for hunting and over-illumination makes it harder for them to find food. It has also been shown that artificial lighting disrupts frog mating and confuses newly hatched baby sea turtles.

Lighting is a huge portion of our energy usage and carbon emissions. Lights can be helpful to continue our routines once the sun sets, but it can cause major ecosystem problems if we don’t cut down on glare, over-illumination, and other excessive uses of lighting. There are many ways to use more environmentally friendly lighting to cut down on the impact and make the world a little greener. Future generations of people and animals alike are depending on it

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