8 Ways to Teach Kids About Water Conservation


Water conservation is a hard concept for some kids to understand. When they see it raining outside or see all the water that is in the ocean, they struggle to understand how there can be water shortages. Teaching kids about water scarcity and water conservation is essential. Even small efforts at home can make a huge difference when it comes to conserving water. Use the eight activities below to begin teaching your children how they can make a difference. Please remember that you may have to adjust these activities depending on the age of your child.

Visit the aquarium

Many children are compassionate about animals. Seeing aquatic animals at the aquarium can spark conversations about what would happen if the animals didn’t have enough clean water. Many aquariums also offer educational activities that can help teach children the importance of water conservation. After visiting the aquarium, you can talk to your child about ways they can conserve water so that aquatic animals can continue to have enough clean water.

Use an online resource

Children are often motivated when they get to use technology. There are so many online games about water conservation that can be used with children of all ages. Online games help make the learning process more engaging. There are also a number of educational Youtube videos. Depending on the age of your child, you can also come up with ways for them to complete their own online research regarding water conservation.

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Have them think about their own water use

Have children come up with a list of ways they can conserve water at home. Make suggestions such as turning off the water while brushing their teeth or only flushing the toilet when necessary to help them get started. If they’re struggling to come up with their own ideas, have them search online for ways to conserve water at home. There are a number of creative ways to conserve water at home, such as rewearing clothes until they absolutely need to be washed or reusing bathwater to take care of outside plants. Once kids start brainstorming, they may discover all sorts of things they can do right at home to conserve water.

Avoid toys that use water

Toys such as water guns and water balloons are counterproductive when you’re trying to teach your kids to conserve water, because these types of toys teach kids that it is okay to waste water for recreational purposes. If your kids do want to play in water at home, try to find ways to reuse water after they’re done playing. For example, you can use the water from splash pools to water your garden.

Fix the drips

A fun activity to do with children is to have them go on a scavenger hunt for drips around the house. Leaky appliances should always be fixed to help conserve water. If they find any leaky appliances or pipes, you can discuss why it needs to be fixed and ways to fix the leak.

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Take a field trip to a water plant

Some water plants offer free tours that are designed to teach children what happens to dirty water. This can be a great activity that gets children out of the house and that teaches them about conservation. If you can’t find a local water plant to visit, you can always use an online video. There are videos of water plant tours available on Youtube.

Install a rain barrel

Creating a DIY rain barrel is an easy and cheap activity to do with children. A rain barrel system collects runoff from your roof when it rains. The rain collected in the barrels can be used to tend to the lawn or to clean vehicles. If your family ever experiences water shortage problems, you may end up relying on your rain barrel system for everyday water needs. Some people even use the water from their barrels to do the laundry and take a shower. You can also filter the water to make it drinkable.

Visit the library

Don’t underestimate the value of a good book. There are books about water conservation available for all ages. Some books teach children about why they should save water while other books teach children about ways to conserve water. Plus, libraries are just an overall great place to visit. Children that regularly visit the library often develop a love of reading and learning.


Don’t wait to teach your children about water scarcity and water conservation. Even young toddlers can be taught how to conserve water. Teaching kids to use water wisely now helps them develop habits that will last them a lifetime.

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