The Art of Minimalism – 7 Reasons Why Less Is More


Whether appreciating benefits of nowadays or not, the fact is that we live in the age of abundance. Our lifestyle is dramatically different than the way of life of our recent ancestors due only to the possibility of countless choices that we have upon us every given day. Too much of everything can be too overwhelming, so we tend to collect things only to find ourselves still unhappy and unfulfilled in this abundant world. The needless things that we accumulate have nothing to do with happiness, apparently.

On the contrary, it has everything to do with distracting us from addressing the real issues in our society and, more importantly, in our lives. We are at the point where we have lost touch with our true essence and our genuine needs. Minimalism comes as an antidote to this plentiful chaos, simply by clearing the fog of consumerism and by putting the focus on what matters.

Less food feels good

People in the first world countries often face the problem of obesity and overeating. The contemporary society developed a new attitude toward food. Food is no longer a necessity since the food industry has turned it into a fetish. Special dishes are created to serve the purpose of pure hedonism or to provide much-needed comfort. Eating healthy food can be very pleasurable while eating less is more than recommendable.

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A balanced diet requires various ingredients in certain amounts, depending on the age and physical activity. Eating less meat and various processed food improves overall health, while it reduces demand for such products on the market, which in the end is environmentally friendly due to the antibiotics overuse and pollution from factory farming.

Less wardrobe defines your clothing style

Although it is necessary to keep clothing items for different occasions, the truth is that we wear around 30 % of what we actually have. Our closets represent our intimate archive of wrong fashion choices, wasted money and times that are long gone. Cleaning up and purging our closets is the perfect opportunity to reexamine our style, to polish it or to upgrade it with new, useful items.

In addition to that, it is a great opportunity to earn some money on the yard sale or to make someone happy by simply giving it away. Someone’s trash is another man’s treasure so look for a perfect pair of second-hand jeans in some thrift shops.

Learn to walk again. Drive less

Benefits of driving less are more than obvious. Not only that it saves money on gas, parking, oil change, and general car maintenance, but it reacquainted you with a special ability of your distant cousin, homo erectus. Walking. Nothing calms the unsettled mind as long walk, so enjoy your journey on feet.

Then again, some distances are too long, so consider public transportation or carpooling. Any option will lead to fewer cars on the road, less pollution and more money in your wallet. Not to mention the good looks that come with regular physical activity.

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Your home isn’t that small

Not enough space? Get rid of the stuff and enjoy your spacious and bright home. Whether it is too much furniture or excessive decoration, things block our view, our movement, and energy flow in our homes. Declutter your space by tossing away everything that has no obvious use or value.

Organize spring clean and take things out of sight. Search storage companies, look for some reasonable moving quotes and store away valuable items that don’t fit in. Let your space breathe again and allow yourself to feel calm in your home by eliminating visual and physical clutter that creates confusion and stress. Clear your mind by cleaning up your home.

Multitasking is a contemporary myth

Too many responsibilities lead to inevitable burn-out. Organize your day according to your time and abilities, and do not get too ambitious. You know exactly how much you can accomplish and when you are most productive. Avoid taking too much burden on your shoulders and try to enjoy dealing with daily tasks.

Being efficient doesn’t mean doing everything at once, but doing things properly. Don’t fall for the pressure of multitasking, since it is pure marketing myth. Decide which tasks are urgent and which one can wait. Fewer todos mean better work quality and less stress.

Detox and regain clarity

Less digital technology around you means less stress and less distraction. Focus on being present in the moment by taking a break from social networks, aimless surfing on the internet or simply being available online all the time. Also, turn off the TV, Netflix or any other platform that offers visual content and spend some quiet time alone. Read a book or go out and socialize, but remain offline. Filter your thoughts and have a real conversation with people without using emoticons or abbreviations and enjoy this beneficial anachronism.

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Nag less

Concentrate on expressing gratitude instead of lamenting on things you don’t have. It is hard since nagging comes naturally, yet it is a toxic routine that constantly reminds us of our self-imposed shortcomings. On a subconscious level, we are constantly discouraging ourselves instead of appreciating our virtues and accomplishments.

Not only that it shapes our mental and emotional state, but it makes us blind to all the miracles and beauty of life that we take for granted. Being grateful is a lovely exercise that reawakens love for life and attracts a series of new happy events.

In conclusion

Reducing stuff, responsibilities, useless habits and toxic routines lead to simplicity and better quality of life. We tend to get lost in the sea of stimuli, notifications and high expectations, wondering at the end of the day why are we so exhausted.

Low energy and high levels of stress are signs that we are out of focus and that we are ought to do something about it. Eliminating distractions and unnecessary details from our environment and our mind will bring mindfulness and satisfaction. It is time to prove to yourself that less is more.

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