Do Ponds Attract Mosquitoes?


Do Ponds Attract Mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are an iconic summer pest menace. But do not ever take them lightly. Generally, female mosquitoes need the nutrients to build their eggs. So they spread deadly diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Zika Virus, and West Nile Virus. And, they create a nuisance that can be dreadful for your family. Summer … Read more

Do Ponds Attract Mice and Rats? (And What Attracts Them?)


Do Ponds Attract Mice and Rats? Water bodies are a place that draws all kinds of organisms towards them. Therefore, any water body located in any part of the world always attracts various life forms. However, every animal is not beneficial for it, and a pond is definitely not an exception.  Ponds, a significant food … Read more

6 Tips For Sustainable Fishing


6 Tips For Sustainable Fishing Fishing is a relaxing outdoor activity. People do it to spend time in scenic locations where the sound of crashing waves can calm them. There are also feelings of accomplishment and empowerment every time they get a big catch. You can continuously learn new fishing skills, practice patience, and just … Read more

Do Ponds Attract Snakes?


Do Ponds Attract Snakes? If you have never seen a snake near a pond, you might be wondering if ponds genuinely attract snakes. Yes, ponds indeed attract snakes. Like all other animals, snakes are highly reliable on the water for survival. It helps them to energize themselves and remain hydrated. Since ponds are full of … Read more

What are the Keystone Species? Importance and Examples of 15 Keystone Species in Their Environments


What are Keystone Species? In Ecology, any species, big or small, usually tend to have a huge impact on the community in which it exists. Species that essentially help to maintain the biodiversity of a community by controlling the population of other species, or otherwise controlling the environment for another species are generally known as … Read more

25+ Fascinating Rainforest Facts For Kids You Must Know


25+ Fascinating Rainforest Facts For Kids You Must Know By definition, rainforests are woodlands characterized by lush vegetation and comparatively high temperature and rainfall throughout the year. The rainforest represents the world’s most biologically diverse ecosystems ever to be spotted on Earth! Although the rainforest region accounts for less than 7 percent of the land … Read more

What is Aquaculture? – Types, Benefits and Facts of Aquaculture


What is Aquaculture? Aquaculture is a type of farming which involves the cultivation of aquatic organisms and aquatic plants for human consumption under controlled conditions. It is also known as ‘aqua farming’ or ‘aquiculture’. This type of farming activity is usually carried out in brackish, fresh or salt water. Various aquatic organisms are produced through … Read more

Ecological Pyramid: Definition, Types and Examples


Definition of Ecological Pyramid Ecological pyramid came into existence due to famous scientist such as Charles Elton, G. Evelyn Hutchinson, and Raymond Lindeman. It has numerous names like Eltonian pyramid after Charles Elton, energy pyramid, trophic pyramid, and food pyramid. Ecological Pyramid is a graphical depiction which is meant to illustrate the relationship between different … Read more

35+ Spectacular Great Barrier Reef Facts That Are Seriously Eye-opening


35+ Spectacular Great Barrier Reef Facts That Are Seriously Eye-opening Just like any other Seven Wonders of the World – the Great Barrier Reef is extremely mesmerizing and is probably one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. The ecosystem which runs off the coast of Queensland is home to some of the most … Read more

Estuary Biome: Definition, Climate, Location, Temperature, Plants and Animals


Estuary Biome: Definition, Climate, Location, Temperature, Plants and Animals An estuary is an area where freshwater from the rivers mixes with saltwater in the ocean/sea. This mixture of freshwater and saltwater is referred to as brackish water. Being a transitional zone from fresh to saltwater, estuaries are a dynamic ecosystem that experiences constant environmental changes. … Read more